John C. Crilly

Navesink Indoor Rowing

This Sunday, Feb 16, Ergathon!!!  

Solo or with a team of 2, 3, or 4 

Come row 1/2 marathon to raise funds for Navesink River Rowing

9am – Noon


Our mission is to make good rowers, and make good rowers better!!!

We are a structured 12 week indoor program for kids and adults from December through February.   The remainder of the year, when we’re on the water (we hope), we operate weekly indoor sessions, on a month-to-month basis.  Our annual indoor race, the Resolution Row, occurs each year within the first two weeks of January.



 Programs for Beginners and Experienced Rowers

Registration 2019-20


So you want to IMPROVE for the Spring Rowing season?  So you want to GET INTO THE FIRST BOAT?  NOTICED by the college coaches?  Let’s get inside.  It’s time to ERG!  Let’s get ready!  We race in January and February!!! Celebrating our 12th year of indoor training!!!  We have been doing it longer – showing the rowing world what works!!!

Navesink Indoor Rowing is wholly owned and coached by John C. Crilly, independent of the spring, summer and fall programs offered by Navesink River Rowing. The goal is technique, strength and conditioning.  We FOCUS on technique.  We also prepare you for the indoor rowing races in January/February/March, which we MAY attend as a team:

Ironmen Erg Classic, Ramsey, NJ, January 25, 2020

MidAtlantic Erg Sprints, Alexandria, VA, February 1, 2020

Mainline Slide, Lower Merion HS, Ardmore, PA, February 2, 2020  

CRASH-B Indoor Rowing Champs, Boston, MA, March 1, 2020

MARCH 7th we will host a race at BellWorks in Holmdel – 9am-Noon.


There will be other races in March and tests for US Rowing Development camps.

You get out of it what YOU put into it. You set YOUR goals.  SHOWING UP IS THE KEY.

** Preparing and competing allows you to establish and publish your best ERG score – the first thing every prospective college rowing coach will want! Don’t let ANYONE tell you differently. Your 2K is the SAT of rowing.

**We use video and mirrors for immediate feedback

**You will develop the correct muscle memory, strength and conditioning to improve rowing in the spring, summer and fall of 2020

**You will GO BACK to YOUR team and make them better!!!

**For BEGINNERS (NOVICE), you will learn CORRECT STROKE TECHNIQUE and have a head start on everyone when you hit the water for the first time next summer.

**Concept 2(maker of the ERG) offers to qualified rowers free trips to World Indoor Rowing Championships if you perform well at qualifying indoor races.

The INDOOR ROWING programs look like this:



GREEN(Beginners – including Middle Schoolers) Indoor Rowing –

6:30-7:30 pm Tuesday, Thursday 

Optional 3-6:00pm Wed OPEN ERGS- 


GOLD ( Experienced ) Indoor Rowing – 

4–5pm  Tuesday, Thursday

3-6:00pm Wednesday OPEN ERGS ( required ) 

7-8am  Sunday


HP ( High Performance ) Indoor Rowing – You must be selected by coach. Girls Sub 8:10, Boys Sub 7:10

5:15 – 6:30pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

3 – 6:00pm Wednesday OPEN ERGS ( required )

8:15-9:30am  Sunday 

Wednesday is REQUIRED for Gold and HPOPEN ERG means that from 3 – 6:00p come for Prescribed, Monitored and Recorded Steady State workouts – first come, first served.


We will move practice to mornings during Winter break, Dec 23-31

No practice Christmas Day or New Year’s Day


MASTERS – Tuesday and Thursday 7:30-8:30pm – Email me with interest:


******Coach Kevin is offering Private and Semi-Private strength training sessions.  

Please contact him and get stronger!!!   Don’t wait.******



ONCE PROGRAMS FILL UP, THEN… THAT’S ALL FOLKS!- first come, first served*****

Mail registration, waiver and check made payable to “Navesink Indoor Rowing”  to reserve your spot TODAY!!!

Mailing Address:  John C. Crilly, 23 Blades Run Drive, Shrewsbury, NJ 07702

Registration 2019-20



13 Fairview Ave, Little Silver

Inside Monmouth Crossfit




you can now follow on twitter   @ergwhisperer


“My first season of competitive rowing came in the winter I spent at Navesink Indoor Rowing. Coach Crilly’s passion for the sport helped me embrace the mental and physical demands of being a rower.  His approach to training continued to push me throughout my high school and collegiate rowing careers, and I am grateful to have had the chance to train with him.”

Mikey G –  Dartmouth Univ.

“Coach Crilly filled every practice with his passion to make us better rowers and teammates.  His knowledge and experience of the sport go unmatched, as well as his ability to continuously perfect technique.  He gave me confidence in my ability and helped me achieve the level of rowing I wanted.”

Emma M –  Dartmouth Univ.

“John Crilly prepares rowers to perform to the best of their ability.  He encourages individual achievement, on and off the water for every athlete.”

Blake P – Marist College

“Coach Crilly is one of the most supportive coaches I’ve had in this sport.  He taught me how to row as a junior in HS!  He has a great deal of patience and dedication to improving his athletes.  I really appreciate everything he did for me and how much he believed in me…all the way to rowing at the US Naval Academy.”

Leor G – US Naval Academy

“Without Navesink Indoor Rowing I would have never been able to row at Yale.  Thanks to Coach Crilly and his program I was able to improve my fitness/erg score, perform better on the water, and get recruited by top tier collegiate programs.  His coaching and his guidance also helped me develop a strong work ethic and an unrelenting desire to succeed – valuable traits that have added me in all aspects of my life.”

Dughan A – Yale Univ.

“There are not many people that can make waking up at 4am enjoyable, but Coach Crilly can.  He taught me lessons through crew about dedication, respect, and passion, that eight years later, I’ve applied to my work life and have continued to succeed as a result.”

Mercy L

“Indoor erg training with John was a highlight of my high school rowing experience. He taught me proper erging technique and the fundamentals of effective offseason training. Under his guidance, I saw my 2k time drop more than 20 seconds to an elite speed in just two seasons. Competing in indoor rowing competitions like CRASH Bs gave me experience performing at my best on large stages, and they were experiences I still cherish today. Although I was driven to improve my fitness on the erg, what kept me waking up early and showing up to practice was John’s kind spirit, personalized guidance, relentless encouragement, and passion for the sport. I will always be grateful for the energy he put into getting the most out of me and the rest of the athletes at Navesink Indoor Rowing. Training at NIR was an experience that helped me grow and mature as both a youth rower and a young man.”

Erik B. – Williams College


13 Fairview Ave, Little Silver



Who are WE? John C. Crilly Coach, Navesink River Rowing Youth Programs 35+ years rowing experience, US Rowing Level 3 Coach Current Board Member, Past President, Navesink River Rowing

1986 Graduate – University of Notre Dame – 1982 Novice Oarsman of Year, 1986 Varsity Oarsman of Year.  Wife – Dianne; Children – Kate Jack, and Tara.   Owner – John C. Crilly Agency(malpractice insurance agency for physicians)

Please FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS WITH ANYONE INTERESTED. Please call me with any questions. Please email or call me with any suggestions!

— FAST hands and SLOW slides,

Coach John

John C. Crilly

Navesink Indoor Rowing

mobile: 732 233 9300

That’s what Navesink Indoor Rowing is.




2018 results

Congratulations to all of Navesink Indoor Rowing competing in the CRASH-b World Indoor Rowing Championships on Sunday Feb 17 in  Boston:

Julia Razzino   8:29.0   3rd in the World – Flyweight Women 

Jess Perlee   8:30.3   22nd in the World – Junior LW Women

Maya McFadden 8:30.4   23rd in the World – Junior LW Women

Abigail Malek   7:37.5   19th in the World – Junior Women

Clare Haas   7:42.9   27th in the World – Junior Women

Paige Loh   7:46.4   30th in the World – Junior Women

Hannah Bates   7:56.8   47th in the World – Junior Women

Annabelle Kaeli   8:09.8   61st in the World – Junior Women

Sheridan Sainato 8:14.5   65th in the World – Junior Women

Chris Nolan   7:02.0.  25th in the World – Junior LW Men

Boris Kizenko   6:31.7   13th in the World – Junior Men

Coach Crilly   6:58.2   11th in the World – Men 50-54




Thanks for a ANOTHER great Indoor Season!

Results are posted 

Thank you to everyone who made the Two River Erg Challenge a success!!!   I doesn’t get done without you!  Thank you!!!


GREAT JOB AT Haddon Hammer and Main Line Slide!!!  


Great job at Philly Indoor Challenge, MidAtlantic Erg Sprints, and Ironmen Erg Classic!


YOGA starting up again EVERY Thurs, 4pm Evenflow Yoga, Red Bank


Great job at Resolution Row!!!


Haddon Hammer Feb 7th

NO St. Valentine’s Massacre for us this year


CRASH-B 03/01/15 NIR results:  We had another good, ok GREAT day!!!

Linda Lensch, Veteran Women( 55-59 ), 6th in the WORLD, 7:55.6 PR
Tassana Landy, Vet LW Women( 50-54 ), 7th in the WORLD, 8:04.2

Devin Guilfoyle HS Men, 9th ( of 248 ) in the WORLD, 6:17.6 PR
Tommy Johnston HS Men, 11th in the WORLD, 6:19
Kennard Johnston HS Men, 120th in the WORLD, 6:53.2 PR
Kasey McFadden HS Men, 122nd in the WORLD. 6:53.6 PR
Jack Gallagher HS Men, 129th in the WORLD – 6:58.6

Max Kelly Lwt HS Men, 130th ( of 228 ) in the WORLD – 7:08.5 PR

Jess Osgoodby HS Women, 41st ( of 294 ) in the WORLD- 7:34.8 PR
Emily Unsinn HS Women, 62nd in the WORLD- 7:42.2 PR
Maxine Manville HS Women, 79th in the WORLD – 7:47.5
Daniel Terek HS Women, 96th in the WORLD – 7:51.5 PR
Victoria Pierce HS Women, 163rd inn the WORLD – 8:05.7
Courtney Meissner HS Women, 205th in the WORLD- 8:13.8

Abigail Wallhauser HS LW Women, 81st in the WORLD – 8:20.4
Tait Algayer HS LW Women, 118th in the WORLD – 8:36.7

Coach John Crilly Vet Men (50-54), 19th (0f 41) in the WORLD- 6:53.5


***Best Day EVER at Two River Erg Challenge***


Results from 01/14/2015 St. Valentines’ Day Massacre Erg Race in Pelham, NY

 “Navesink Indoor Rowing brings the broom”

Boys Junior:
1st – Tommy Johnston 6:21.4
2nd – Devin Guilfoyle 6:22.2

Boys Junior LW:
Sawyer Matthews 7:42.7 PR

Girls Junior:
2nd – Jess Osgoodby 7:39.2 PR
4th – Maxine Manville 7:50.1
7th – Danielle Terek 8:05.8

Girls Junior LW:
1st – Abigail Wallhauser 8:12.6 PR

Mens Veteran B (60-69)
3rd – Charles Blessing 7:21.8

Mens Veteran A (50-59)
2nd – Coach Crilly 6:55.6

Boys Junior 500M
1st – Devin Guilfoyle 1:25.6

Mens Open 500M
3rd – Coach Crilly 1:33.1

A memorable day!!! Great job everyone!


On Jan 31, 2015, for the first time in our history, Navesink Indoor Rowing competed and MEDALED in 3 different locations, at 3 different indoor regattas, on 2 coasts.

MidAtlantic Erg Sprints 01/31/15 – Alexandria, VA

HS Men 2K
Tommy Johnston – 6:18 2nd Place HS Men – SILVER
Jack Gallagher – 6:55.9 New PR

HS Women 2K
Jess Osgoodby – 7:40.6 New PR
Emily Unsinn – 7:53.8
Maren Gierlatowitz – 8:05.7
Abby Wallhauser – 8:21.4 New PR

Linda Lensch – 1st Place Veteran B Masters 30 min row – GOLD
Coach Crilly – 2nd Place Veteran A Masters 30 min row – SILVER

Ironmen Erg Classic 01/31/15 – Ramsey, NJ

7th Grade 1000 meters
Abby Malek – 4:46.2
Julia Malek – 5:19.8 New PR

8th Grade 1000 meters
Luke Ziegler – 3:48 PR – SILVER
Cole Ramos – 3:53.8 PR
Charlie Joslin – 4:04.9 PR – Heat 1 Winner

Frosh 2K
Chris Steinhacker – 8:23.6 New PR
Matt Ramirez – 8:42.8

Mens Novice
Kasey McFadden – 6:53.9 1st Place Novice Men – GOLD

HS Women 2K
Victoria Pierce – 8:05.4 New PR
Courtney Meissner – 8:15.7 New PR

HS Men 2K
Neil Hughes – 6:54
NW Ergomania 01/31/15 – Seattle, WA

Veteran Masters Women 2K
Tassana Landy – 8:04.8 3rd Place – BRONZE


JUGGERNAUT = Navesink River Rowing!
Hardware captured at Navy Day Regatta Oct 11, 2014:
GOLD – Varsity Boys Quad
GOLD – Varsity Girls Quad
BRONZE – Varsity Girls Double
SILVER – Womens Masters Quad
SILVER – Mens Masters Double ;))
Way to go coaches, parents, and all rowers!!!


Congratulations Navesink River Rowing!

Hardware captured at Head of the Christina:
GOLD – Varsity Girls Quad
GOLD – JV Girls Quad
GOLD – JV Boys Quad
SILVER – Varsity Girls Double
BRONZE – Masters Women Quad
Way to go coaches, parents, and all rowers!!!
Nice way to introduce the yourselves to the Christina!


Congratulations Navesink River Rowing!

Hardware captured 9/28/14 at Kings Head Regatta:
GOLD – Varsity Boys Quad (NIR HP)
GOLD – Father/Daughter Double
SILVER – Varsity Girls Quad (NIR HP)
SILVER – Varsity Girls Double (NIR HP)

SILVER – Senior Masters Women Double

SILVER – Senior Masters Men Double :))  (NIR HP)

Thank you for a great job coaches, parents, all the NRR members who rowed today! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!
One of the most successful NRR days at Kings Head EVER!!!


I thought I should share the following self-explanatory link from my friend, Bill



Tad Gaffey – University of Pennsylvania

Austin Treubert – US Naval Academy

Michael Guadagno – Dartmouth University

Emerald Rempel – University of Miami

These teams are so lucky to have you!!!

and I am SO proud of you.


here is an awesome short film about one of our own, Tassana Landy


Congratulations EVERYONE on a such a successful indoor season!   As we transition back to the water, keep an eye out here for Spring, Summer and Fall Indoor sessions…there is still room for technical stroke correction/improvement and strength training on the erg!!!  


Swan Creek Rowing Club Ergfest 2014!!!
Tommy wins SCRC Ergfest 2015Tommy Johnston wins Jr. Men 2014 SCRC Ergfest with a 6:27  2K!!!

If you have pictures from any of our erg races, please send me!!!


TREC 2014 Results


TONS OF PRs(Personal Records) at the CRASH-B World Indoor Rowing Championships!!!

CRASH-B NIR Results 2014


Main Line Slide 4 winners croppedMain Line Slide Winners – 4 DECADES!!!

John Crilly, Mike Smith, James Castellan, Bill Elliott!!!!

Main Line Slide NIR Results 2014


Peddie NIR Results 2014


NIR Results Mid Atlantic Erg Sprints 02/01/2014


Congratulations to Tad Gaffey and Mollie Tobinon being invited to US Rowing Sweep Development Camp!!!Congratulations to Erik Bovino and Emily Unsinnon being invited to US Rowing Sculling Development Camp!!!


Swan Creek Ergfest 03/03/2013!!!

Alanna Fratellone – 2nd Place HS Girls!!!

Kristin Warzynski – 1st Place Novice Girls!!!

Ava Merz – 3rd Place Novice Girls!!!

Coach Crilly – 1st Place Masters Men(40-49) and Fastest time of the Day!!!


Two River Erg Challenge 02/24/2013!!!  WHAT A DAY!!!!   150 racers!!!  

NIR takes 1st in:Novice Girls, HS Lwt Girls, HS Girls, HS Lwt Boys, HS Boys, 8th Gr Boys, 8th Gr Girls, 6-7 Grade and Masters Women!!!  OMG

2013 TREC Results


Another Great showing at the World Indoor Rowing Championships!!! So Proud!!! 

NIR CRASH B Results 2013


Navesink Indoor Rowing FELT THE LOVE at the St. Valentine’s Massacre!

NIR St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Erg Results 2013


Great job at the Main Line Slide!!!

NIR Main Line Slide Results 2013


Congratulations Craig Slater – HS Singles Champion – 2012 Stotesbury Cup!!!


Question: Who is 47 yrs old and had the fastest time OF THE DAY at the Swan Creek Ergfest 2012?

Answer: 6:49.5 and his initials are JCC


AMAZING DAY AT THE CRASH-b World Indoor Rowing Championship in Boston Feb 19, 2012

Most of us set Personal Records(PR)

CRASH-b 2012 results NIRCRASH-b Results 2011 NIR

Coaches Conor, Mike and John could not be happier with everyone’s effort on the day, the month, the year!!!



“Ha! The old guys stole the show!”

Haddon Hammer 2012 NIR results


ABSOLUTELY AMAZING performance in the Main Line Slide at Villanova, Feb 4, 2012!!!

Main Line Slide 2012 NIR results

Not bad for little old Navesink, eh? We will OUT-work EVERYONE!!!

We could not be more proud of EVERYONE who competed!!! Please keep inspiring us all…


Who are WE? John C. Crilly Coach, Navesink River Rowing Youth Programs 30+ years rowing experience, US Rowing Level 3 Coach Current Board Member, Past President, Navesink River Rowing

1986 Graduate – University of Notre Dame – 1982 Novice Oarsman of Year, 1986 Varsity Oarsman of Year Wife -Dianne; Children – Kate Jack, and Tara Owner – John C. Crilly Agency(malpractice insurance agency for physicians)

Please FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS WITH ANYONE INTERESTED. Please call me with any questions. Please email or call me with any suggestions! — FAST hands and SLOW slides,Coach JohnJohn C. Crilly Navesink Indoor Rowing mobile: 732 233 9300

That’s what Navesink Indoor Rowing is.


HOCR photo 2013HOCR 2014 DBL

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